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Environmental Monitoring

AKCess Pro has been leading the field for over 30 years in Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Today your computer room or server room is a critical part of your business infrastructure and as such you need to be secure in the knowledge that it always remains operational. It is vital that all your sensitive equipment is monitored and controlled and AKCess Pro has been leading the field in for over 30 years in environmental control systems.
AKCess Pro provides the backbone component for monitoring and controlling your computer room environment. All AKCess Pro environmental monitoring units are easy to install with easy to follow wizards to help you along the way. AKCess Pro gives you great flexibility with a range of devices and applications that can be integrated with your existing control System or used as a standalone solution.

SecurityProbe 5E

The backbone to any security system is the AKCess Pro securityProbe 5E used either as a standalone security and environmental monitoring system or in conjunction with the AKCess Pro AKCess Pro Server application.

Environmental intelligent sensors

Monitor anything: temperature, humidity, water leaks.

Access Control integration with AKCess Pro Server Application

Monitoring and alerts on all activities

Switching other devices on or off using dry contacts

Video Recording and Storage

All devices link seamlessly to all manner of control devices




The securityProbe Series

The backbone to any monitoring system is the AKCess Pro securityProbe 5E used either as a standalone environmental monitoring system or in conjunction with the AKCess Pro Server Application.

Control all aspects of your computer room environment with AKCess Pro Intelligent Sensors

The securityProbe 5E works with every intelligent sensor in the AKCess Pro family. Connect up to 8 of our autoSense sensors in any combination to monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Water leakage
  • Airflow
  • Security
  • Detection of AC Power Line Voltage
  • Measurement of Digital Voltmeter
  • Control Relays

The AKCess Pro range of sensors also includes an integrated data collection, graphing package and Sensor Notification system.

When an event occurs, the securityProbe 5E can send:

  • SNMP traps
  • Email
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Make a telephone call
  • Make audio alert.

These alert messages are customizable and can include a picture of the event. Besides notification alerts, events information including pictures are stored in a non-volatile flash memory.

Calendar Filter

False Message Filter

In order to prevent false alarms, the securityProbe 5E allows extensive filtering of events. You can limit events based on the time of day or the day of the week. You can also limit the number of alerts per hour, so that you are not swamped with many messages. This is especially important with the sensor like the motion detector where you may want to process an event only when the business premises are closed.

Automatically Shutdown your Equipment in an Emergency

AKCess Pro's Linux devices will automatically send a shutdown message to your Linux or Windows based servers – so if there is a power outage, for example, you can rest assured that your servers will be safely and automatically shut down before your UPS runs out.

For added security and peace of mind the securityProbe 5E lets you add up to 4 cameras for video surveillance purposes so even if you cannot be there you can see what is happening.

Sensors and cameras are integrated allowing the easy review of pictures with such items as door openings, motion detection, loud noises and environmental factors. This allows for the pictures of interest to be easily reviewed using high level tools.