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Inventory Management System (IMS) is a system that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. IMS programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations. No matter how simple or complex the application is, the goal of a warehouse management system remains the same – to provide management with the information it needs to efficiently control the movement of materials within a warehouse.

Warehouses play a vital role in the supply chain industry by controlling the storage and in and out movement of materials. Managers face huge challenges due to damaged inventory, inaccurate inventory counts and other inventory-related issues. IMS helps you gain control over your warehouse effectiveness and transform your operations to boost your competitiveness. IMS automates inbound, outbound and warehousing operations, resulting in improved productivity, space utilization and customer satisfaction.

Features of

Inventory Management System

  • Ease problems and issues with improved warehouse efficiency.
  • Transform operations into an adaptive environment enabling you to allocate its resources.
  • Manage movements in the warehouse
  • Real-time information
  • Inbound and outbound serial tracking
  • Integrated system -Immediately update data throughout the system
  • Automate the movement of goods within the warehouse, optimizing valuable inventory, warehouse space and labor resources
  • Improve management and utilization of warehouse space
  • Ability to prioritize orders according to available labour and shipment deadlines
  • Achieve real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control.
  • Dynamic reports and Dash Boards provide clearer insight into warehouse resources at any point of time.
  • Product Availability
  • Raw Material Availability
  • Stock List Report
  • Stock Status Report
  • Physical Inventory Reports (count sheets and variance report)
  • Price/Cost List
  • Reorder Advice
  • Purchase/Sales History
  • Cost Valuation
  • Inventory Turns Report
  • Inventory Status
  • Lot Expiration Report
  • Vendor Lead Time Report
  • Item Movement Audit Report
  • Item Lead Time Analysis
  • Serial/Lot Composition Inquiry

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