Environment Management System

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Modern computer networks tend to be large heterogeneous collections of computers, switches, routers and a large assortment of other devices. To a large degree, the growth of such networks is ad-hoc and based on the current and perceived future needs of the users. As networks get larger and faster, the job of monitoring and managing them gets more complex.

However, the job of managing computer networks becomes increasingly more important as society becomes more dependent on computers and the Internet for every day business tasks.

Network downtime now costs significant amounts of money, so it is important that network and system managers are aware of everything that is happening on the networks for which they are responsible.Fortunately, computers are fairly good at watching other computers which means we can automate this task to some extent. Nextech Limited brings the world’s best integrated solution from AKCessPro for monitoring Network Devices through online..

NM Features

Ability to connect external GPRS / GSM modem, Bluetooth and WiFi USB adapters.

Uses Linux operating system for maximum stability and flexibility.

Can Monitor any network devices, and SNMP based equipment.

Built-in graphing and data logging, internally or to a remote PC.

Platform independent; free firmware upgrades and utilities from AKCess Pro.

Compatible with complete range of AKCess Pro Intelligent Sensors

Monitorig LAN and WAN Divice

Monitor Branch offices and Factories from Head Office

Monitor from any where of the world through web application

Notification through various media

environment management system

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KEY Products

Dimension: Size 8.5″ x 5.43″ x 1.80″,1U Rack Mount Standard,Weight 1 Kg

Expansion Ports: 4x RJ-45 Expansion Ports ,115.2K BPS Data Transfer Rate, Simultaneous functionalitybetween Expansion Ports & RS485 port threshold status.

Mounting :Rack mount brackets included, Compatible with AKCess Pro’s DIN and rack mount trays.

Status Indication:LED indication for Power, LED for Network Connectivity, LED for sensor online and threshold status.

Power Requirements:Voltage7.0 – 9 VDC, 3Amp

Power Consumption:Typical 5.025 Watt, 0.67A

MTBF: 400,000 Hours

environment management system

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