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With BYOD assuming its role as an industry standard, enterprises are now facing new challenges on how to manage their wireless networks. Smartphones and tablets have become a potential source for security breaches, while bandwidth-hungry applications such as HD video conferencing increasingly threaten overall network stability and performance. 4ipnet Wi-Fi solution for enterprises provides a secure and reliable wireless network by combining standards-based 802.1X with detailed access control by user and location. With just one set of equipment, network administrators are able to virtually segment the network between employees and visitors. Additionally, user firewall policies can be defined to limit network access, while rogue AP detection aids in the discovery of unauthorized Wi-Fi devices that may compromise the corporate network.

Enterprise Wifi Solution

802.1X with Location-based Access Control

With 4ipnet’s Service Zone functionality, enterprises can virtually segregate wireless network access depending on the physical location of access points. For example, certain areas of the office can be configured for restricted access to employees only, while public areas or lobbies can be open access to both employees and visitors. Furthermore, each Service Zone can have a unique configuration of enabled authentication databases, access schedules, user policies, and independent network administrators.

Enterprise Wifi Solution

Detecting Unauthorized Access Points

Rogue access points are often one of the primary sources of security beaches in an enterprise Wi-Fi network. They can potentially cause severe wireless interference, leading to network downtime and lost productivity. 4ipnet’s solution provides IT administrators with tools to easily monitor and detect rogue access points, allowing them to take swift responsive actions. Furthermore, network logs can show detailed information such as the access points that users authenticate from. Combined with detailed user events and browsing histories, 4ipnet provides enterprises with full control over the security of their wireless networks.

Enterprise wifi solution nextech limited

Unified Branch Office Network Policies

4ipnet’s solution supports both centralized and distributed access point deployments through flexible tunnel configuration between 4ipnet APs and WHG gateway-controllers. For many enterprises, one of the key requirements is often to enforce unified policies across the entire corporation’s headquarters and branch offices. By configuring the access points to completely tunnel traffic back to the WHG gateway in the headquarters, network administrators ensure the same set of user policies and network resource access regardless of geographical location. As the tunneling is configured on a per SSID level, organizations can also choose to allow only employee traffic to return back to the HQ, while guest and visitor traffic can locally break out to the Internet.

Enterprise wifi solution nextech limited
Enterprise wifi solution

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