School Management System

NextEdu – School Management System

It is a web based application for managing the billing system for the operations in Schools. It is aimed to be user friendly with beautifully designed user interface, manage student billing from invoicing and online bill payments to tuition plans, and record keeping.

Designed for use by private and public schools of all sizes, It will allow the school’s staff to efficiently complete billing responsibilities.

It will be responsively designed, so that it can run on any device by adapting to the size various domains such as security personnel’s, students, classes are covered under this system. System is fast and secured with authorization through login systems.


Technical Features


It shows about the total paid and unpaid students and all others at one place to get the details about the number of people covered and left for billing.

Managing class

Details of existing classes can be edited and also new class can be added.

Managing student

Details of existing classes can be edited and also new class can be added.

Monthly Fees

Information is displayed in a tabular format in a simplistic UI for different classes and it can be editable.

Admission Fees

Admission fees as paid by students is displayed and are editable


Billing of security personnel can be managed through this feature.

Student logs

Details of students such as name, contact details, address etc are displayed.

View Bill

Bill can be viewed and edit at this feature.

Website Features

School advertisement, Image and Video Gallery, Offered course Information, Contact Info

Manage Login Panel

Student Panel, Parent Panel, Teacher Panel, Admin Panel

Manage Student Information

Add New Student, View Student, Edit student, Delete Student, Add/Modify Parent/Guardian Information

Manage Class Information

Add Class/Section, View Class/Section, Edit or Update Class

Manage Fees Information

Add , view and edit Monthly Fees in Class Wise.

Manage Other Fees

Add Admission fee, view and edit in student in class wise.

Generate Fee or monthly bill

• Manage Students Security amount, view and edit class wise. • Online Payment Gateway Integration (PayPal) • Email Dues notification • Reporting List • Student List (with different Parementers) • Invoice Summary/Detail with different date range • Student Payment History • Dues List

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