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In any organization, the sales department plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. In today’s highly competitive market environment they face a number of challenges, problems and issues on a regular basis. The challenges faced by your sales department include maintaining of the customer and product database, tracking of sales cycle that includes capturing inquiries, order placement, order scheduling and then dispatching and invoicing, covering of stock transfer between warehouses. MAS Sales management software system streamlines the entire sales flow of the organization by eliminating chances of any manual bottlenecks and errors and establishing a smooth flow from Sales Quotation, and Order to Invoicing and payment receipt.

MAS Sales management software provides in-depth insight into the primary business processes involved in the Sales flow of an enterprise such as quotation, sales order processing, delivery note, returns handling and invoicing. The system is designed to optimize sales management processes by improving customer service, evaluating sales activities, capturing trends, and performing an advanced statistical analysis.

Benefits at a glance

  • Cloud, Web, On-Premise or Hybrid ERP software system gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage your enterprise from anywhere.
  • Enhance your inbound and outbound sales processes.
  • Eliminates chances of any manual bottlenecks and errors.
  • Allows tracking of each customer orders and sales tenders.
  • Provides in-depth insight into the main business processes.
  • Fully integrated with the other modules of the ERP software System.
  • Accurate and up-to-date status information with notification Follow-up system. Reduce unnecessary paperwork, delays and errors.
  • System smoothly handles the quote-to-order-to-bill process by converting orders into invoices and executing the orders eliminating delays caused due to manual entries.
  • Non-Inventory Sales of Items can be carried out allowing users to create A/R invoices without affecting the stock/inventory.

Reporting tools for sales department

There will be a facility to generate and view report of sales projection for a period. This projection will be available for different kinds of forecasting techniques e.g. moving average, straight line, standard deviation and other applicable tools.
There will be a sales report mentioning date wise sale of KPL for a particular period.
There will be a report for generating sales report by Client ID, by credit period, by sales person, by period.
There will be provision for generating report for daily sales/production/delivery. These reports will include every details associated with it.
These all are based on our observation while visiting your organization and meeting with your concerned executives. It may or can be changed where it is required and with the change of procedure adopted by your organization. As well as it may also be changed at the time of implementation due to making this system more efficient and user friendly.

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