IP Phone Billing Information System

IP Phone Billing Information System

IPBIS is specially designed software for collecting, calculating billing details, invoice of calls and other online payment gateways.

IPBIS helps user to expand their unified communications in your own network. With the help of IPBIS software, user can launch, price and provision their data and voice services.

This software is appendage with advanced features like call reporting, deposit adjustments, account information, report handling, call records, name and so on.

Flexible pricing and rating plans including anniversary billing, pro-rating, usage based billing and more. Plug-in system allows easy addition of new pricing plans.

Major Operational Features

  • IPBIS provides an intuitive user experience intended to simplify the billing process with user role based dashboard.
  • Flexible pricing and rating plans including anniversary billing, pro-rating, usage based billing and more. Plug-in system allows easy addition of new pricing plans.
  • VoIP rating and billing, including DID inventory, rate plans, free minutes, caps.
  • Real-time credit card and electronic check processing with all major processing gateways. Email, SMS, printed and online invoicing.
  • Implement new, unlimited services and complex plans, or apply any measurable charging method to products, price lists, rates, payment methods, discounts, currencies, and charge by telephone prefix, volume, duration, geographic location, or distance.
  • Dynamic data-driven online-charging system (OCS) computes intricate usage-based charging of millions of prepaid subscribers – in real time, while customers can view their balance at any given time.
  • Multi-channel charge enables subscribers to recharge one or more prepaid phones, using various methods. Charge capping is also provided.
  • IPBIS provides flexible invoice template layouts, VAT/taxes, gateways to credit cards and clearing houses, and supports any payment type.
  • A sophisticated collection tool includes rule-based optimization for handling recurring payment requests and indebted customers.
  • Flexible, personalized discount management enables easy adding of new discounts and coupons, applied automatically to any 3rd party program, and eliminating the need to calculate individual discounts, thereby saving time and minimizing the risk of error.
  • IPBIS supports unlimited number of resellers, and enables sending real-time reminders about nearing data consumption, or blocking or slowing subscriber access if/when required.
  • Complete, integrated trouble ticketing system included, based on Request Tracker from Best Practical Solutions
  • Auto-responds to customer email, SMS assigns a ticket number and allows your staff to track requests collaboratively
  • Multiple queues, custom fields, templates, ticket associations, templates, customizable workflow, and more.
  • Online signup page with immediate credit card authorization and provisioning.
  • Customer self-care including invoice viewing, one-time and recurring payments, adding and removing services, and password changes.
  • Simple API available to write your own self-service pages or applications.
  • Manage Card Information
  • Unlimited resellers with branded invoices, individual pricing and payment gateways.
  • Virtualized reseller access allows resellers access to only their own customers.
  • Flexible, fine-grained access control
  • Hierarchical structuring provides easy monitoring, including payment details, usage history, and detailed usage records (CDRs or IPDRs), supporting numerous partners, resellers and agent plans.
  • Easy monitoring of subscriber usage and trends, with flexible filtering options, including for intricate usage plans requiring complex processing and computation.
  • Manage IGW, Mobile operator Information with Price Sharing.
  • IPBIS’s solution can be implemented for retail, B2B, wholesale, roaming, or convergence, including shared accounts by multiple subscribers.
  • All data structures of customers, subscribers and other entities can be configured to facilitate data transfer and updates, interfacing easily with 3rd-party systems.
  • A rich set of APIs makes IPBIS an integral part of your IT apps, enabling you to receive updates from various enterprise applications.
  • IPBIS’s is closely integrated with the underlying telephony engine to ensure that customers may only make calls for which they have credit, and only to the destinations prescribed by the IPBIS’s Administrator.

Major Technical Features

  • Integrates with Asterisk
  • Admin Users along with Customized Roles & Privileges
  • SMS API Integration with billing and customer support area.
  • Manage Prepaid or postpaid users
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Unlimited devices for users
  • Concurrent calls for users
  • Real-time balance update
  • Least cost routing
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi routing system
  • Provide call rating for Asterisk.
  • Calling Cards
  • An “unlimited” amount of different price lists.
  • Batch billing
  • Real-time billing
  • Rates are highly configurable.
  • Import rate lists in csv format.
  • Variable billing increments.
  • Call setup charges.
  • Resellers.
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Web interface provides:
    • – Card balances.
    • – Ability to configure routes.
    • – Ability to configure most of ASTPP.
    • – Setup Brands.
    • – Many other features.
  • Interface for customers to view their calls.

Reporting List

Customer Information

Customer Call Report

Customer Balance Report

Operator-wise Customer Information

Received Advance Payment

Daily Collection

Discount in Invoice

Advance Adjustment Report

Client Ledger

Invoice Print

Collection Summery Report

Due List

Aging Report

Commission Distribution Report

Operator, IGW-wise billing Generation Report

Profit Sharing Report

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