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General high level product description of the market leading ConnectMaster solution.As networks grow in complexity, the challenges in assimilating data from disparate sources when operating networks also grow exponentially. To meet these challenges, operations teams need an integrated view of their networks, not just of active equipment, but also of physical infrastructure, customers, services and the relationships between them.

ConnectMaster provides an expansive and configurable platform for documenting all facets of infrastructure based telecommunications networks. If your network has grown to the point that existing records systems are not supporting the teams that operate your network, ConnectMaster perfectly fulfils this need.

It’s not only the ConnectMaster users that benefit from the integration of records. With the improved quality of records and reducing a range of time consuming tasks to just minutes or seconds, the end users will see the changes. Responsiveness and repair times for faults reduce. Notifications for change management are more accurate, can be sent earlier, and planned works organised to avoid conflicting schedules.

By providing planning, service management and maintenance teams with a view of all network resources, the complexity in accessing the data drops drastically. And, thanks to the intuitive and flexible options to access it, the power of the data increases dramatically. These options include integrated GIS mapping, schematic outputs, and network planning tools.

Fiber Optic Cables

Production Control-Reporting and Analysis:

Powered by Pitney Bowes Software “MapXtreme”.

ConnectMaster is a location-aware inventory system. This means that all inventory / asset records are related to designated sites / locations. With integrated GIS mapping, this location based inventory is easily represented and powerfully manipulated geographically. View, edit and create objects directly via the mapping display that can be extended with Bing Maps, OSM and geocoding services, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Integrated GIS mapping


ConnectMaster’s layout uses standard windows behaviours, making the user interface extremely intuitive. From a tree structured view of the network to the detachable windows for viewing across multiple screens, the system provides a range of easy-to-use features that enhance the user experience and navigation throughout the product.

But, more than this, there are a number of ways to access and use the data stored in ConnectMaster. The following is an introduction to a small handful of the key product features. For more product features and details, read the Product Capabilities and Modules Sections…

Fiber Optic Cable Network

Integrated CAD engine

ConnectMaster’s drawing automation and management module provides a configurable and powerful visualisation capability for the stored data.

Generate circuit diagrams, rack elevations, floor layouts and network schematics on-the-fly! Interact with network data directly from the Visio drawings.

Searching and reporting

Build your own queries, create and save standard filters – access the stored data easily and intuitively within the intuitive user interface. Construct complex queries with a wide range of criteria.

Search filters can be used to find individual objects or sets of objects that have similar characteristics or relationships. Some example requests could include:
• Show all fibre optic cables in “Region A”
• Show all components owned by “My Company”
• Show all components owned by “Third Party Provider”
• Show all locations that have “Cisco Routers”
• Show all “STM-4” transmission objects
• Show all available “STM-1” ports in “This Location”
• Show all “joints” with “3 or more” connected cables
• Show all projects with a status of “To be designed” and assigned to “Me the designer”

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