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Complaint Management System (CMS) system features are divided into two main categories: Create a complaint & Generate Ticket and after resolved the problem update information into application and notify to Ticket owner.

CMS is a management technique for assessing, analyzing and responding to customer complaints. Complaints management software is used to record, resolve and respond to customer complaints, requests as well as facilitate any other feedback. These software solutions are utilized to handle complaints through three main business protocols when implemented:

  1. Establishing and agreeing on the complaint
  2. Quality management during the process
  3. Compensation or reimbursement

The process of dealing with complaints through complaints management software is broken down below together with related features and benefits in bullets.

Features of Complaint Management System

Access Controls

Create user groups to ensure that the right people have access to the right information.

Task/Complain Module

Basic Process of this module User verification through SMS/Email, Receive a complain through web portal, send confirmation to user through SMS/email, Notify respective Engineer through SMS/email and different stages notification for non-completed task.

Message module

Setup SMS Gateway and Integration with developed System 1. Send Verification code to end user through SMS. 2. Send Complain/Ticket notification through SMS & Email to both End User and Support Staff member. 3. Send Notification through SMS/Email to Supervisor of respective Support Staff member for dues/over dues Complain.

Schedule Module

1. All Tickets/Complain will be scheduled automatically as per assigned Support Staff member for respective Building and Flat No. 2. The Supervisor has permission to change/re-assign a Support Staff member for a particular Ticket/Complain.

Complain management

Complain Dashboard will display after successfully login any user of CMS and Dashboard items will be displayed as per role profile. User can search Complain with various parameter such as Date range, Complain Status, Problem type etc. Update Ticket/Complain status and send notification to end user as well as Supervisor.


Problem Type wise Report, Analyze customer issues, Respective user wise Report, Monitor service performance (All reports to be developed with given date range)


The CMS is to be developed in two parts:Web based front end: This is the main user interface to access the software through online. Only the authorized user can access the system through username and password.Mobile Version of front end: A mobile version of the front end is also available to access the system from smart phone

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