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Accounting System

Accounting System (AS) is easy to use, a complete software solution which automates and streamlines your entire financial transactions that enable you to compete in a vibrant environment. In every business having a clear, comprehensive and transparent record keeping system is essential, and Accounting is the most basic framework of any business. AS  Software provides high financial intelligibility by delivering accurate data and restricting unauthorized access to crucial financial information.

AS Financial Management System provides an organization, great financial intelligibility thus empowering company-wide financial control through improved financial management and forecasting. It offers efficient solutions to maintain complete Financial Control from creating and managing transactions to consolidating and reporting results. AS  software system is a fully integrated financial solution that ensures access to accurate financial information for the effective monitoring and proper management of financial activities.

Benefits at a glance

Create precise and well-timed financial reports while complying with accounting standards

  • Provide robust internal security features that deliver accurate information, preventing unauthorized access to crucial financial data
  • Fully integrated with the other modules of the ERP software system
  • Automation process reduces paperwork and data entry thereby eliminating chances of errors
  • It eliminates duplicate work, repeated data entry and automates all process
  • Provide financial intelligence, allowing company-wide financial control through improved financial management and forecasting
  • Streamline your accounts payable process, monitor payment status, and ensure payment compliance with our end-to-end invoice management system
  • Speeds up data entry and also provides more visibility into the business thus enabling the management to plan and forecast accurately
  • Multi-Currency capabilities for enabling global compatibility
  • A robust audit trail that logs the users entering the transactions and also tracks the date, time and system from which the transaction vouchers are printed
  • Immediate updating of transactions to GL (General Ledger)

The accounting system’s content is no different than a conventional accounting system. But it differs from the other accounting system hugely for its

  • flexibility,
  • user friendliness,
  • strong reporting
  • customizability

This accounting system module has following components

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit and Loss accounts
  • Cash flow statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Production Cost Sheet

Trial Balance: It will be by the balances of each and every account’s balance. It will justify the correctness of the accounting procedure. And also help to prepare Balance sheet and profit and loss account.

Profit and loss account: Every profit or loss generating financial activities will be recorded in this statement. It is basically a reporting tool for the top management to visualize the company’s current operating situation and to improve future operation by identifying the field of further improvement. 

Balance Sheet: It is also a reporting tool for the management where they will have a clear view to its total asset and it total debt. Beside this, it will also help to decide company’s current liquidity position, asset management, liability management, cash management and also give clinch view to it’s over all stock position. 

Production Cost Sheet: This is one of the essentials as well as important for a manufacturing company like KPL. It will help the management to have a better look at its operation and to understand the costing at different segment of operation and most importantly to decide its products selling price.