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AKCess Pro is the only company that provides an integrated approach to Access Control. Visually Record and Monitor employee’s entering, and leaving secure areas.

AKCP offers an unprecedented level of security for any number of locations regardless of their physical location. Whether you want to control and monitor access to rooms in the same building or separate rooms in different cities, states, countries or even continents AKCP has you covered for up to 5000 entrances and exits worldwide.

Door Control Unit packages from AKCess Pro provide all-in-one access control for a computer room or remote telecoms site. The Door Control Unit allows Card or Biometric Fingerprint Readers linked to a fail-safe door. All monitored and recorded, without compromise, using the AKCess Pro Server.

The AKCess Pro Server interface allows for easy monitoring, surveillance and reporting. AKCP’s state of the art video search engine deploys timeline scans of captured and archived video to locate the exact events you need.  

Time-stamped video capture can be linked to other sensor and monitoring data making
video footage and information easy to locate.

All access control data is recorded in the Reports Tab and at any time this data can be checked against alerts or notifications received.

Access Logs

The Access Control Reporting feature allows you to output a wide variety of reports unique to your own system and export to a widely accepted .CSV format. The AKCess Pro Server Management Software includes a number of popular report styles so you can analyze your data effectively, once it has been aggregated into your selected reporting tool.

Start your Access Control system with a basic package to gain control over a single entrance in one room. Designed using a modular infrastructure, AKCP ensures that your system is custom built to suit your needs.

AKCP’s Access Control solution can be fully integrated with your existing AKCP solutions.

The Door Control Unit natively supports up to 5000 users and can be expanded upon using our accessible SD card feature.

Take computer room security a step further with the Cabinet Control Unit.

Card SwipeOur integrated Access Control system doesn’t stop at simply securing entry and exit points. Now that you have your locations secured you can move on to securing your equipment and perhaps more important, your information.

It’s very common for companies to have instances where they only want a limited amount of high security clearance personnel to have access to their most sensitive information and servers. AKCP’s Cabinet Control Unit allows for card reader access to be added to your server cabinets.

Simple Wizard Set up makes implementation easy! 

Used in conjunction with AKCP’s Door Control Unit (DCU), the Cabinet Control Unit (CCU) seamlessly integrates using plug and play technology via RJ45, supporting 5000 users making expanding security to your cabinets easier than ever.

Customize your security settings!

  • Arrange access by site, floors, rooms, or cabinets.
  • Restrict access for certain times, days, users or security levels.
  • Set up adjustable user groups with virtually any customizable preference your company, group, or organization may need.

Full Integration with Existing Solutions

The Door Control Unit integrates fully with your existing environmental monitoring solutions from AKCP, giving you complete control of your site.  Existing clients and customers who already have Environmental Monitoring for their Data Centers or Remote Telecom Sites can easily add AKCP’s Access Control system. Analyze video and data immediately alongside your existing environmental monitoring reports.

A Modular System

Start your Access Control system with a basic package to gain control over a single entrance or exit. Designed using a modular infrastructure, AKCP ensures that your system is custom built to suit your needs.

It’s easy to add additional High Definition Digital Cameras, environmental sensors, siren strobe alarms, smoke detectors, power monitors, and relay switches to automate corrective action such as powering off lights and equipment in unoccupied areas of your site.

Your system can be modified and adapted as your requirements change and your business grows.